Friday, March 30, 2012

It's a Matte Matte Matte Matte World. Fun with Polish Swatch Wheel

 Well, I couldn't do it.  I just could not remove my beautiful Nerd Lacquer All of Time and Space after just one day.  I got some nail mail today that included some much anticipated polishes like Nail-Venturous Floam, but I just couldn't do it.  I also couldn't not polish something, so I swatched them on the wheel, and then decided to do some matte tests.  I put China Glaze Matte Magic over everything, just to see how it looked, and then reverted back to Poshe topcoat. 

So, here are the newbies.  Up top was Floam, with matte topcoat and then with glossy poshe.

Pretty & Polished Midnight Rider with matte finish.  Not a fan, love much more with shine!  It's not horrible, but I really think it needs the shine.  What do you think?

Pretty & Polished Carni, I LOVE this one in matte finish.  I love it even more shiny, but I do love it like this too.  Gives it a soft focus blurred look, and really makes it cool!

Pretty & Polished Forest Phire, I unfortunately got a mini of this.  Wish I had a full size!  I would have, but all that was available at the time was mini.  This looks awesome matteified!  It looks awesome shiny, it just looks awesome!  This was 3 coats over bare swatch.

Here is Forest Phire over Julep Charlotte and then matted.  I will not use this color combination on my nails, it just doesn't do anything for me, but gosh is that Forest Phire pretty!

 Here's Kays Polish in Catching Fire.  This is amazing in matte.  I think I like it better in matte than in glossy!  It just adds something to it like this.  Which do you prefer??

No reviews today, but I had to do something.  Was itching to polish something and I don't think Kitty Kitty would let me paint her nails!

To purchase the colors featured here today:
Nail-Venturous Etsy Store
Nail-Venturous on Ninja Polish
Pretty & Polished Etsy Store
Kays Polish available through wordpress blog!

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

"All of time and space, everything that ever happened or ever will. One question, where do you want to start?" Review of Nerd Lacquer All of Time and Space

Does perfection come in a bottle?  The answer is yes.  A bottle of Nerd Lacquer All of Time and Space is my idea of perfection.

 This polish by Nerd Lacquer is inspired by the television show Dr. Who.  Described as a light turquoise, I would call it more of a mint green with a silver shimmer.  It is full of beautiful fuchsia glitter in small and medium, and large silver hexes.  Not jumbo in size, this is an understated look, and it's perfect.  There is nothing I would change about this polish.
 Application is so smooth, you almost forget it has any glitter in it at all.  It spreads so nicely.  Truly, this is a superb formula.  My photos do not do it justice, they show every little mistake, and ever issue with my dry hands.  In real life, you don't even notice these things.  It is just STUNNING!  Take my breath away STUNNING!
 Really, just look at it.  It is dreamy!  Ethereal.  Perfection.  I am so glad that I chose this polish.  I can't stop looking at it.  There was no pooling at all.  No drag, no issues whatsoever.  I can't say enough.  BUY this polish.  Seriously, you will not regret it.
 I applied 3 thin coats over my clear Gelish mani, and topped it with Poshe topcoat.  It is perfectly smooth, and beautiful...did I already say I love this?? 
 I'm just going to let the rest of my pics come up now for you, and then at the bottom let you know where to purchase...there is nothing more to say, besides more gushing, so...with that said...

 I do have to explain these last 3 pictures.  My "helper" decided she needed to be pet while I was taking pics, so I thought this could explain some of the hairs that have managed to get themselves into my manis...and will undoubtedly make their presence known again and again...

 Hi Kitty Kitty!!
Nerd Lacquer can be purchased from the Nerd Lacquer shop on Etsy, as well as from Harlow and Company and Ninja Polish.  They can be hard to get, but they are SO worth it.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing Review of Pretty and Polished Swing

Pretty and Polished has not disappointed me yet!  This polish with a red jelly base, that looks kind of pink on me, is a jelly sandwich in a bottle!  Just look at the details in the above swatch picture.  Too bad my nails aren't that long!  It is filled with small white hex glitter, med. black hexes, and large white hexes that look pink in the polish.  There are also silver hex sequin like glitter that look really cool covered in the jelly polish.  They look like pink flashes of light when you move your fingers!  Scattered black small glitter rounds out the mix.  Fast drying, unless you apply too thickly, this polish really brings a lively vibrancy to nails!

 Look at my poor nubbin pinky!
Holy dry fingers, batman.  Think it's time for some moisturizing?? 

I applied 2 coats, waiting a while in between.  One thing I noticed with this polish is that the glitter wanted to migrate to the tips of my fingernails every time...I was able to get it where I wanted it though.  I think it just loves grouping itself together.  That, and I have short nails...still.

Looking at the pics, I could have done with three coats, but to the naked eye you can't see any thin spots.  I LOVE jelly finishes, but there is that aspect of them that isn't my favorite.  The fact that you can look INTO them, more than makes up for any fights with less opaque areas!  Two coats of seche vite over the top made this polish completely smooth and I really do love this one!  I put a coat of matte topcoat on one of my thumbs, but quickly put seche vite back on top.  It was not a look I liked at all.  That is a personal thing though, who knows, you might like it matte! 

I love Chelsea's polishes.  I definitely recommend them.  So far I have  2, but I have more on the way! You can order from Chelsea at the Pretty and Polished Etsy Store.   Due to the recent shortage of polish base, she is slowing down production after this next store opening, which is scheduled for Wednesday, 4/4/2012.  So get them while it's still somewhat doable!  Chelsea normally has a large stock in her store on stocking days.  I am going to be sad to have to fight harder for them :(

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Caught a Lite Sneeze..Breeze. Review of Sneeze Breeze by the Hungry Asian

Caught a lite sneeze
Caught a lite breeze
Caught a lightweight lightningseed
Boys on my left side
Boys on my right side
Boys in the middle
And you're not here
I need a big loan
From the girl zone
~tori amos-caught a lite sneeze

I'm not sure at this point whether the name that drew the connection to my mind to one of my favorite musicians of all time, Tori Amos, or the looks of the polish, but whichever it was, here it is!  My mini of Sneeze Breeze from Etsy seller The Hungry Asian arrived today!  First, I have to say, I loved the packaging.  Shipped in a nice white shipping box, and wrapped in a tiffany-esque blue tissue, which was tied with a red ribbon.  I love that color combo!  Unfortunately, I was too excited to get to the polish to take a photo of the packaging.  The bottle, oh it's so cute!  Adorable bottle.  LOVE!  I asked myself almost immediately why I didn't just order the full size, but, hey, at least this way I have that cute bottle, and I can always order the bigger one next!

I had to try this polish on asap.  I didn't want to remove all my Orange You Unique yet though, I swear this polish is setting a record for me wanting to keep it on and not mess with it.  I compromised and did an accent nail on my ring finger, of each hand, with sneeze breeze.  I was kind of messy with it and thought I had done an ok job of clean-up until I saw the pics, but oh'll get the idea :)

Application with this polish was easy.  Again, like most indies I have used, I have had no issues with pooling.  The only issue I did have with this polish was my fault.  I went over a section that didn't look fully covered right away, and it performed a "magic polish remover" trick on me, pulling ALL the color off, including my black base.  It would have easily been fixed, but I just decided to remove it all and start over.  So, patience is needed before adding a second coat, unless it is just my whacko nails, which could be.  

Sneeze breeze is a really pretty blue with a very light shimmer, almost matte, but not quite. It is listed as matte, but I did notice a hint of shimmer.  Very small amount, so small that I would still consider it matte.  The glitter pieces and the blue and black, and very tiny.  I love this polish.  It really is cool, and quite unique to itself.  I am loving matte glitter so much. 

I let the polish fully dry and covered it with a coat of gelous, and then later, after pics, I did put on a top coat of seche vite.  Even with that, it is still not super shiny, which is great, because I love the character of this polish, but felt I needed that extra topper for some reason.  

I did a swatch of it with no black undies and I think next time, when I do a full mani, I am just going to do it over a clear gelish mani...keep the strength going of course, HAVE to have long nails.  My current obsession, along with indie polish!  Speaking of which, I JUST successfully ordered Floam from Ninja Polish!
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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Why Orange You Unique?? Yes, Indeed! Nail-Venturous

My first Nail-Venturous polishes arrived on Friday, so of course I had to put on Floam's sibling, Orange You Unique.  I purchased from the Nail Venturous Etsy shop., but you can also purchase from   Nail-Venturous nail polish is some of the most unique nail polish on the indie scene right now, and I love it.  I am not alone in this love...the etsy shop sold out in a minutes, and any time Ninja Polish has any in stock it is usually gone just as quickly as it is added.  I yearn for Floam, Pinkerbell, Pulverized, and Peacock Gone Wild.  I own Orange You Unique and Purple Potion.  Someday, I will get my fill...unless she comes up with more amazing shades, which I am sure she will :)

Orange You Unique has a very unique formula.  It is quite thick, and at first I feared it wouldn't spread at all nicely on the nail.  I flipped it upside down a while, as I am in the habit of doing with glitters, only to realize that this polish is SOOO packed with glitter that there is no way you would get a brush stroke that isn't loaded.  It has tiny light yellow, brilliant blue and pale orange matte glitter in a light orange base...Matte glitter?  HUH??  Yes, it is matte, there is no shimmering to this glitter, it gives a kind of faux finish look to nails, it is it's own nail art.  I can't imagine improving on it.  I didn't notice any drag after the first coat, and I think that was because I was using to small an amount or something.  It's very controllable, I had no pooling.  I wish my short nails were longer for this shade, as I just don't have enough nail to admire it on!!  I love what i DO have though, and hopefully soon I will have nice long nails...for the first time in my life.  Again, I used Gelish foundation, structure, simple sheer, and top it off as a base so my nails wouldn't all break off, and again, I am rewarded with the extra strength that come with those layers, and a pretty prize on top!  I haven't tried making it a perfectly smooth topped polish.  I used 2 coats of gelous on top, and it is not completely smooth, but I am sure with a couple coats of seche vite, it would be.  I didn't want that shine though, loving the matte finish of this polish too much.

You can see my daughter's fingers in this pic...she said our hands made unicorns and wanted to be in there with me.  So, I let her :)

Something about this polish just reminds me of easter.  Speckled eggs, something?  I think it is going to make a reappearance around that time, maybe over white....hmmmm...

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Wonderland Mani- Review of NFU-Oh 51, Etsy Seller sweetfairyboutique's Sticks and Stones, and my frankened purple Gelish!

This Manicure was days in the making.  Knowing I wanted to use my new and first NFU-Oh polish, n51, and knowing my nails are crap and break all the time, I had to come up with a purple to put under the NFU-Oh that would work in my Gelish mani.  Hmmmm...What to do??  I know, I will make one!  So, I used my Gelish Stand Out, Up in the Blue, and then figured, I liked jelly finishes, so hey, let's throw in some Simply Sheer to get a nice jelly know, just in case I hated the NFU-oh(as if!!!).  I mixed some of this, some of that on a piece of foil, and got to work.

This is what I came up with(this pic is with my craptastic phone):
Great!  I love the color, much more purple in person.  Stupidly, I mixed only enough for one mani, and didn't write down how many drops of each I used.  Won't make that mistake again!

Since it was getting late, the undies stayed on over night, and the next day...The Glitz, The Glam, The GORGEOUS, NFU-Oh n51 was added!  I did two coats, and then followed with 2 coats of Seche  Vite.  This polish is like a dream.  There is so much depth to it, the photos do it no justice what so ever!  It has these flashes of red mixed in with the purple, you feel like you can dive in and swim in the fantasticness of this polish.  It goes on nicely, I didn't notice any dragging.  The flakies in it, oh the I love them.  They sometimes aren't visible, but you move your hand and *KA CHOW*(my daughter loves Cars, what can I say), you are treated to a shiny flash of flaked goodness!!

It was perfectly smooth to the touch, and oh so lovely.  I thought I was don't there.  But I had forgotten...I had an awesome polish on the way from Etsy seller sweetfairyboutique!  When it arrived, I hesitated...did I really want to cover up this awesome color??  Well, no, not so much, but then, I kept staring at the bottle of Sticks and Stones, and it just would not leave my mind.  HAD to put it on...NOW!!

I was so surprised, given the size of some of the glitters and having never used a polish with bar glitter, but it went on perfectly!  I got a nice mix of tiny glitter, black and white hexes, and the now fave, bar glitter!  I applied two coats, and it took no time to dry in between.  Again, no brush drag, which amazed me.  The glitter laid nice and flat, and added even more depth.  It felt like falling into Wonderland!  Yes, that's's the Wonderland Mani!! 

Anyway, back to Sticks and Stones.  Black and White glitter polishes are all the rage these days on the indie polish scene, and let me just say, I totally understand why!!  This is my only polish like this, so I can make no comparisons to other artists versions, but I can say this...I totally recommend this polish.  Smooth application, no drag, fast dry, and did I mention it's amazing????  Buy it!  Next time it is up on Etsy, do not pass go, put it in your cart and check out fast!

Now for the pics.  Unfortunately my base had lifted a bit and it doesn't look as wonderful as it should, but it will give you an idea...the depth, I couldn't capture, but trust me, this adds a TON of dimension to a manicure without being lumpy or gloopy.  Also, I had very shaky hands the days I painted these, so pay no attention to the messiness of the edges...I didn't notice how bad it was until I saw them in HUGE pics!

Well, minus the ghastly application, what do you think?  Gonna give these polishes a shot?  I think you should!