Thursday, March 29, 2012

"All of time and space, everything that ever happened or ever will. One question, where do you want to start?" Review of Nerd Lacquer All of Time and Space

Does perfection come in a bottle?  The answer is yes.  A bottle of Nerd Lacquer All of Time and Space is my idea of perfection.

 This polish by Nerd Lacquer is inspired by the television show Dr. Who.  Described as a light turquoise, I would call it more of a mint green with a silver shimmer.  It is full of beautiful fuchsia glitter in small and medium, and large silver hexes.  Not jumbo in size, this is an understated look, and it's perfect.  There is nothing I would change about this polish.
 Application is so smooth, you almost forget it has any glitter in it at all.  It spreads so nicely.  Truly, this is a superb formula.  My photos do not do it justice, they show every little mistake, and ever issue with my dry hands.  In real life, you don't even notice these things.  It is just STUNNING!  Take my breath away STUNNING!
 Really, just look at it.  It is dreamy!  Ethereal.  Perfection.  I am so glad that I chose this polish.  I can't stop looking at it.  There was no pooling at all.  No drag, no issues whatsoever.  I can't say enough.  BUY this polish.  Seriously, you will not regret it.
 I applied 3 thin coats over my clear Gelish mani, and topped it with Poshe topcoat.  It is perfectly smooth, and beautiful...did I already say I love this?? 
 I'm just going to let the rest of my pics come up now for you, and then at the bottom let you know where to purchase...there is nothing more to say, besides more gushing, so...with that said...

 I do have to explain these last 3 pictures.  My "helper" decided she needed to be pet while I was taking pics, so I thought this could explain some of the hairs that have managed to get themselves into my manis...and will undoubtedly make their presence known again and again...

 Hi Kitty Kitty!!
Nerd Lacquer can be purchased from the Nerd Lacquer shop on Etsy, as well as from Harlow and Company and Ninja Polish.  They can be hard to get, but they are SO worth it.

Also, another reminder, if you are reading this, go ahead and follow the blog.  I will be doing a giveaway at 100 followers and it will feature a polish from Nail Venturous!! 


  1. I don't know if I should even say this but I'm waiting for this one on the mail :). I can't wait it looks so pretty.

    I noticed your nails seem longer, congratulations! :)

  2. HAHA! I am not surprised! I think we mush have similar tastes or something ;)
    Thanks for the congrats! A few of my nails have really taken off, some are still stuck at nubbins, but I am working on it!