Monday, March 26, 2012

Caught a Lite Sneeze..Breeze. Review of Sneeze Breeze by the Hungry Asian

Caught a lite sneeze
Caught a lite breeze
Caught a lightweight lightningseed
Boys on my left side
Boys on my right side
Boys in the middle
And you're not here
I need a big loan
From the girl zone
~tori amos-caught a lite sneeze

I'm not sure at this point whether the name that drew the connection to my mind to one of my favorite musicians of all time, Tori Amos, or the looks of the polish, but whichever it was, here it is!  My mini of Sneeze Breeze from Etsy seller The Hungry Asian arrived today!  First, I have to say, I loved the packaging.  Shipped in a nice white shipping box, and wrapped in a tiffany-esque blue tissue, which was tied with a red ribbon.  I love that color combo!  Unfortunately, I was too excited to get to the polish to take a photo of the packaging.  The bottle, oh it's so cute!  Adorable bottle.  LOVE!  I asked myself almost immediately why I didn't just order the full size, but, hey, at least this way I have that cute bottle, and I can always order the bigger one next!

I had to try this polish on asap.  I didn't want to remove all my Orange You Unique yet though, I swear this polish is setting a record for me wanting to keep it on and not mess with it.  I compromised and did an accent nail on my ring finger, of each hand, with sneeze breeze.  I was kind of messy with it and thought I had done an ok job of clean-up until I saw the pics, but oh'll get the idea :)

Application with this polish was easy.  Again, like most indies I have used, I have had no issues with pooling.  The only issue I did have with this polish was my fault.  I went over a section that didn't look fully covered right away, and it performed a "magic polish remover" trick on me, pulling ALL the color off, including my black base.  It would have easily been fixed, but I just decided to remove it all and start over.  So, patience is needed before adding a second coat, unless it is just my whacko nails, which could be.  

Sneeze breeze is a really pretty blue with a very light shimmer, almost matte, but not quite. It is listed as matte, but I did notice a hint of shimmer.  Very small amount, so small that I would still consider it matte.  The glitter pieces and the blue and black, and very tiny.  I love this polish.  It really is cool, and quite unique to itself.  I am loving matte glitter so much. 

I let the polish fully dry and covered it with a coat of gelous, and then later, after pics, I did put on a top coat of seche vite.  Even with that, it is still not super shiny, which is great, because I love the character of this polish, but felt I needed that extra topper for some reason.  

I did a swatch of it with no black undies and I think next time, when I do a full mani, I am just going to do it over a clear gelish mani...keep the strength going of course, HAVE to have long nails.  My current obsession, along with indie polish!  Speaking of which, I JUST successfully ordered Floam from Ninja Polish!
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  1. I was just wearing this yesterday! The coincidences :). I'll share my swatches of pinkerbell once I put it on.

    1. Too funny!! Tell me you don't plan on putting Swing from Pretty and Polished on next lol!

  2. dr. who almost looks like DL Mermaid!
    ps: my blogger name and my gfc name are the same: kat jurski

    1. the nerd lacquer?

      I followed you too :)