Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing Review of Pretty and Polished Swing

Pretty and Polished has not disappointed me yet!  This polish with a red jelly base, that looks kind of pink on me, is a jelly sandwich in a bottle!  Just look at the details in the above swatch picture.  Too bad my nails aren't that long!  It is filled with small white hex glitter, med. black hexes, and large white hexes that look pink in the polish.  There are also silver hex sequin like glitter that look really cool covered in the jelly polish.  They look like pink flashes of light when you move your fingers!  Scattered black small glitter rounds out the mix.  Fast drying, unless you apply too thickly, this polish really brings a lively vibrancy to nails!

 Look at my poor nubbin pinky!
Holy dry fingers, batman.  Think it's time for some moisturizing?? 

I applied 2 coats, waiting a while in between.  One thing I noticed with this polish is that the glitter wanted to migrate to the tips of my fingernails every time...I was able to get it where I wanted it though.  I think it just loves grouping itself together.  That, and I have short nails...still.

Looking at the pics, I could have done with three coats, but to the naked eye you can't see any thin spots.  I LOVE jelly finishes, but there is that aspect of them that isn't my favorite.  The fact that you can look INTO them, more than makes up for any fights with less opaque areas!  Two coats of seche vite over the top made this polish completely smooth and I really do love this one!  I put a coat of matte topcoat on one of my thumbs, but quickly put seche vite back on top.  It was not a look I liked at all.  That is a personal thing though, who knows, you might like it matte! 

I love Chelsea's polishes.  I definitely recommend them.  So far I have  2, but I have more on the way! You can order from Chelsea at the Pretty and Polished Etsy Store.   Due to the recent shortage of polish base, she is slowing down production after this next store opening, which is scheduled for Wednesday, 4/4/2012.  So get them while it's still somewhat doable!  Chelsea normally has a large stock in her store on stocking days.  I am going to be sad to have to fight harder for them :(


  1. It looks very cute on you. I have a mini of Swing but I have yet to wear it.

  2. Thanks Sil! I like it enough that it stayed on my nails today despite the arrival of my first nerd lacquers. Coming off to make way for one of them tomorrow though..unless I still feel like crap.

  3. This is so pretty! My wishlist of indie polishes keeps getting bigger and bigger...

    1. Tell me about it. I keep saying I am done for a while, and then another one comes along. I also keep buying extras so I can share the love :)

  4. Replies
    1. It sure is. I love jellies so much. I also love jelly sandwiches, so this polish just made my day.

  5. I do too! Everyone should have it. Paint the world with Swing, it will be better for it! :)