Sunday, March 25, 2012

Why Orange You Unique?? Yes, Indeed! Nail-Venturous

My first Nail-Venturous polishes arrived on Friday, so of course I had to put on Floam's sibling, Orange You Unique.  I purchased from the Nail Venturous Etsy shop., but you can also purchase from   Nail-Venturous nail polish is some of the most unique nail polish on the indie scene right now, and I love it.  I am not alone in this love...the etsy shop sold out in a minutes, and any time Ninja Polish has any in stock it is usually gone just as quickly as it is added.  I yearn for Floam, Pinkerbell, Pulverized, and Peacock Gone Wild.  I own Orange You Unique and Purple Potion.  Someday, I will get my fill...unless she comes up with more amazing shades, which I am sure she will :)

Orange You Unique has a very unique formula.  It is quite thick, and at first I feared it wouldn't spread at all nicely on the nail.  I flipped it upside down a while, as I am in the habit of doing with glitters, only to realize that this polish is SOOO packed with glitter that there is no way you would get a brush stroke that isn't loaded.  It has tiny light yellow, brilliant blue and pale orange matte glitter in a light orange base...Matte glitter?  HUH??  Yes, it is matte, there is no shimmering to this glitter, it gives a kind of faux finish look to nails, it is it's own nail art.  I can't imagine improving on it.  I didn't notice any drag after the first coat, and I think that was because I was using to small an amount or something.  It's very controllable, I had no pooling.  I wish my short nails were longer for this shade, as I just don't have enough nail to admire it on!!  I love what i DO have though, and hopefully soon I will have nice long nails...for the first time in my life.  Again, I used Gelish foundation, structure, simple sheer, and top it off as a base so my nails wouldn't all break off, and again, I am rewarded with the extra strength that come with those layers, and a pretty prize on top!  I haven't tried making it a perfectly smooth topped polish.  I used 2 coats of gelous on top, and it is not completely smooth, but I am sure with a couple coats of seche vite, it would be.  I didn't want that shine though, loving the matte finish of this polish too much.

You can see my daughter's fingers in this pic...she said our hands made unicorns and wanted to be in there with me.  So, I let her :)

Something about this polish just reminds me of easter.  Speckled eggs, something?  I think it is going to make a reappearance around that time, maybe over white....hmmmm...

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  1. I own floam and pinkerbell but I haven't considered Orange You Unique until now :).

    1. You should really get it! It is amazing! I need to see pics of that pinkerbell you have! Do you have any? I can't wait to get my mitts on it!

  2. This is one of the two I got last night, I can't wait to get it!

  3. You will love it! What else did you get?