Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Wonderland Mani- Review of NFU-Oh 51, Etsy Seller sweetfairyboutique's Sticks and Stones, and my frankened purple Gelish!

This Manicure was days in the making.  Knowing I wanted to use my new and first NFU-Oh polish, n51, and knowing my nails are crap and break all the time, I had to come up with a purple to put under the NFU-Oh that would work in my Gelish mani.  Hmmmm...What to do??  I know, I will make one!  So, I used my Gelish Stand Out, Up in the Blue, and then figured, I liked jelly finishes, so hey, let's throw in some Simply Sheer to get a nice jelly know, just in case I hated the NFU-oh(as if!!!).  I mixed some of this, some of that on a piece of foil, and got to work.

This is what I came up with(this pic is with my craptastic phone):
Great!  I love the color, much more purple in person.  Stupidly, I mixed only enough for one mani, and didn't write down how many drops of each I used.  Won't make that mistake again!

Since it was getting late, the undies stayed on over night, and the next day...The Glitz, The Glam, The GORGEOUS, NFU-Oh n51 was added!  I did two coats, and then followed with 2 coats of Seche  Vite.  This polish is like a dream.  There is so much depth to it, the photos do it no justice what so ever!  It has these flashes of red mixed in with the purple, you feel like you can dive in and swim in the fantasticness of this polish.  It goes on nicely, I didn't notice any dragging.  The flakies in it, oh the I love them.  They sometimes aren't visible, but you move your hand and *KA CHOW*(my daughter loves Cars, what can I say), you are treated to a shiny flash of flaked goodness!!

It was perfectly smooth to the touch, and oh so lovely.  I thought I was don't there.  But I had forgotten...I had an awesome polish on the way from Etsy seller sweetfairyboutique!  When it arrived, I hesitated...did I really want to cover up this awesome color??  Well, no, not so much, but then, I kept staring at the bottle of Sticks and Stones, and it just would not leave my mind.  HAD to put it on...NOW!!

I was so surprised, given the size of some of the glitters and having never used a polish with bar glitter, but it went on perfectly!  I got a nice mix of tiny glitter, black and white hexes, and the now fave, bar glitter!  I applied two coats, and it took no time to dry in between.  Again, no brush drag, which amazed me.  The glitter laid nice and flat, and added even more depth.  It felt like falling into Wonderland!  Yes, that's's the Wonderland Mani!! 

Anyway, back to Sticks and Stones.  Black and White glitter polishes are all the rage these days on the indie polish scene, and let me just say, I totally understand why!!  This is my only polish like this, so I can make no comparisons to other artists versions, but I can say this...I totally recommend this polish.  Smooth application, no drag, fast dry, and did I mention it's amazing????  Buy it!  Next time it is up on Etsy, do not pass go, put it in your cart and check out fast!

Now for the pics.  Unfortunately my base had lifted a bit and it doesn't look as wonderful as it should, but it will give you an idea...the depth, I couldn't capture, but trust me, this adds a TON of dimension to a manicure without being lumpy or gloopy.  Also, I had very shaky hands the days I painted these, so pay no attention to the messiness of the edges...I didn't notice how bad it was until I saw them in HUGE pics!

Well, minus the ghastly application, what do you think?  Gonna give these polishes a shot?  I think you should! 

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