Thursday, April 26, 2012

All That Glitters Wheel Swatches Bottle Spam and More

Well, my usb ports on my laptop are messing up and not recognizing my card reader again, so my two latest mani pics aren't available until I use my other computer to get them on here.  Until then, some swatches on the nail wheel will have to do.  Right now I am wearing Nail-Venturous Robin Laid an Egg with my thumb water marbled with Zoya Bevin, a generic white, and a pink Julep that I don't recall.  My thumb was the only one that came out halfway ok and even that isn't the way I wanted.  Must have more water marble practice!

I got my All That Glitters nail polishes a while ago.  I haven't had the chance to actually wear any of them yet, but I think Cha Cha Twist is my next mani. I really love it in bottle and on the nail wheel.  It's gorgeous. So, until then, and until I can get my mani pics up, here are my All That Glitters bottles and swatches!

Left to right, Valentine Massacre, Cha Cha Twist, and Spotty Dottie Rosie.  For some reason Valentine Massacre photographs much more orange than it looks in real life.

Backs of the bottles. Aren't they awesome??  Look at the reflections on the table.  So cool!

Now for the one by one color pics.  First up is Valentine Massacre.

You can see that on the swatch wheel there is more of a red tone.  It's a beautiful mix of black and red hexes, tiny red glitters, and a red tinted base.  I can't wait to try this one either!

Next, ChaCha Twist:
What a beautiful polish!  A transparent blue base, with dark blue hexes, aqua hexes, red and black hexes, silver bar glitter, and big red squares!  I just love this polish!

Finally we have Spotty Dottie Rosie:

Spotty Dottie Rosie is a clear base with multiple sizes of red hexes and red bar glitters.  I love it.  I think I am going to use this in conjunction with Sweet Fairy Boutique's Sticks and Stones.  I think one coat of this to 2 coats of Sticks and Stones will make an awesome look.  I love black and white with a punch of red in all sorts of ways, as home decor, in fashion, in photographs, and I am sure I will love it in a mani.  So stay tuned for that!

All That Glitters Polishes can be purchased at the All That Glitters Etsy Shop.  All of the colors you see above are in stock for purchase right now!

And now for a gripe.  All my nails are super short again. They just keep tearing.  It doesn't matter what I use.  For a while my gel manis were keeping them from breaking, but they reach a certain length and even that doesn't protect them enough.  I can go an hour with naked nails and end up with nothing but nubbins.  I need to either give up on ever having long nails, or find something else. I am seriously contemplating getting gels with tips so that I have more length, but I hesitate because I don't want to ruin my nails further than they already get naturally.  What have your experiences been?  What products do you use that work for weak super flexible paper thin nails? Comment please and help a girl out. This really stinks.  My nails are sooo short right now, and they grow so slowly. 


  1. My nails can't grow for the life of me either. I just got gels with tips last week. They always look a little odd at first but they look nice now that they've grown out a bit. I don't keep them on permanantly, but I'll get them done every 6 months or so as a treat. The rest of the time it's tiny nails for me :( But hey, it makes my polish last longer right? Hehe.

  2. The nutra nail mineral growth gel worked very well for my grandma. Her nails were so weak, but they grew long and strong.

  3. I just cut my nails down too. I don't mind short nails too much, except for the fact that there is less room for art. XD

    Wonderful glitters!!! :D

  4. I think I might try the rejuvacote. I am debating it. My nails look like little kid nails when they are this short. Seriously, I look at my hand and see my daughter's lol..I hope she isn't cursed with my horrible nails, but so far hers are like razors too...thing and sharp.