Saturday, April 28, 2012

"And the only reason for being a bee that I know of is making honey." Humble Bee Nail-Venturous Swatches and Review!

 The first picture was taken at a live hive that was enclosed in glass.  So cool to watch the busy bees! 
 Now on to the mani.  I used my gelish foundation, then used ibd Just Gel in Solar Rays for the undies.  Every other nail was then topped with Wet n Wild black polish.  Finally, I added it...the very amazing Humble Bee by Nail-Venturous Lacquer!
So, this polish went on great with normal technique.  I didn't have any dragging, pooling, or anything of the sort.  It really just went where I wanted it and stayed there.  I tried the dabble method where you kind of pounce glitters on to fill in the nail on a few nails, and I have to say, that is going to be a great method for the chunkier glitters.  This particular one didn't need it, but I wanted to try.
 Above you see a swatch wheel shot of humble bee with no undies.  As you can see it is a yellow and black small glitter with small black hexes scattered about.  Really cool polish!
 I only have 1 coat of humble bee on in these pics.  The above is with Gelous and Seche top coats, but I decided to paint some stripes on the yellow nails and add matte magic by China Glaze to mattify the entire mani.  Look at how short my poor nails are.  So depressing.
Above is the matte version with crappy stripes painted on.  I am not happy with my stripes, but I do like it matte.  Much better in real life.

Bottom Line:  If you can, buy this polish.  It is really different. It's bright and awesome.  Application is a dream, I am sure removal will be similar to other glitters.

You can find humble bee in the NailVenturous Etsy Shop. The shop is currently in vacation mode, and not sure when a restock will be, but this is a definite must have, so keep your eyes peeled!


  1. I just got this in the mail today!! I can't wait to try it out :) I also got Toxic during her sale and FINALLY got my hands on Floam last night!

  2. Like how it looks matte, haven't seen that before. I also like your design idea for the bumble bee stripes, even if you don't like your stripes! Going to have to lay in wait for humble bee now. :)

  3. OMG this is so pretty!! I love the look of it matte too :)

  4. Thanks! I thought it leaned a little toward the matte without top coat and I liked the look, so just went with it! Oh, and at this point,the stripes on my left hand have been painted with seche, so the stripes shine, but the rest is matte. Just had to do something to it, couldn't leave it alone. lol