Monday, April 2, 2012

But She Said I Wouldn't Drown! Lake Placid on Acid Lacquistry Nail Polish Swatches and Review, and a FB 30 followers giveaway!

 How could I not drown??  Putting this polish on, I was taken to the depths of Lake Placid.  Maybe the Lake Placid in the movie, but I prefer to think of it as Lake Placid, NY.  I then think of it as Lake Placid in the 80's when acid rain was a severe problem for the Adirondack Park.  Yup, there, perfect, I am drowning in an acid rain filled lake on my nails.  Really, there is so much awesomeness in this polish.  It is a blue green jelly base and is just swimming in hexes of green, blue, and silver, and filled in with an awesome blend of tiny blue and green shimmery glitters.  I would not change a thing about this polish, except I would have a never ending supply of it!
 This swatch is over exposed and blurry, but shows the way it looks in the sun.  Blindingly beautiful.
 This is my first time wearing a Lacquistry polish.  I figured with the total chunkiness of the look, it would be, well, chunky and lumpy on my nails.  It wasn't.  Coat of seche vite and gelous and off we go!  Really, the name of this polish is a completely accurate representation of what the polish looks like. 
 It goes on super smooth.  It is easy to get thin coats and even then, every stroke seems to have a good mix of the glitters.  As you are painting, you see the little islands of color appear in the form of hexes and the flashes you catch in the light reflect onto your other fingers, it is THAT amazingly brilliant.
 My long nail...unfortunately my funkiest nail too..flat and egg shaped naturally.  ICK.  Oh well, at least it's growing!
 My middle finger got hit especially hard by the acid monster.  I love it!
 Isn't it dreamy??  I think we need another version of this called Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, what do you say, Jenna??
 Yummy look at the holo peaking out here!!
And here it is matte.  Honestly, even matte topcoat doesn't make it less blingy! 

I've been very lucky so far with indie polishes.  They have all surpassed my expectations.  I am sure that one day I will get one that I don't really love.  And I will be honest and tell you why when that happens.  So, don't think that I am just saying I love all these polishes and don't really, I really do, and I promise, in my opinion, which you can take with a drop of polish(haha, look, I'm a dork!), these colors have all been amazing! 

Bottom line is, I can 100% recommend Jenna at Lacquistry for all your chunky glitter polish needs!  She's a polish genius!  You can purchase her polishes at the Lacquistry Etsy Shop!

And now for the Facebook Giveaway!  When my page gets to 30 likes I will be giving away a $10 Victoria's Secret Secret Rewards Card and a bunch of yummy goodies!!
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  1. I am wearing my first Lacquistry polish today, Casondras Peacock. Very similar to this one, I love it so much!I think between my friend and I we bought like 10 of them. Can't wait to try them all out!

  2. I want all of them! If only I had unlimited polish funds! LOL!