Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Great Jellybean Caper: Candeo Colors Review and gap Nail polish, plus preview of giveaway!

I love Jellybean's look!  I did a horrible mani with it, but it is beautiful.  I was so excited to get this polish, and it is a really great one.  Perfect for spring time.  For this mani, I layered it over Gap Daffodil nail polish.  I DO NOT recommend the Gap polish at all!  It swatches nicely, but putting it on your nail, that's another story.  It's streaky, majorly.  It bubbled on me with thin coats.  Just all around don't recommend.  I love the color...but beyond that nope!  As undies, it will do, but on it's own, or for anything beyond some nail art, just pass.  There are plenty of other polishes out that deserve your attention.
 OK, Candeo, your turn!  I was a little concerned about this polish after seeing some photos of it clearly separating and all the glitter fallen to the bottom of the bottle.  It did arrive a little separated, but not nearly so bad.  No clear line of demarcation between color and glitter.  Shaking it up very well did take care of the little separation I did observe.
 You can see in the above pic that the glitter is still pretty well incorporated, and this was after it sitting overnight.  A few shakes and it would be all the way ready for another go! 
 This nail is filed, but the gap polish removal wrecked my gelish mani that I use as a base just enough to cause a jagged looking edge, not visible to the naked eye, but def. visible in macro mode.  This nail has no undies except for the clear gelish mani.  The rest have the gap daffodil still underneath it.  I like it on it's own, but I think somehow putting the other polish under it made the glitters stand out more.
 Here you can see my crap job, but you can also see the bubbles of the gap polish at the nail tip.  Seriously strange.  I can fix it, but you can't REALLY see it if you are just looking at the nail.
 The Candeo is a really smooth applying polish, the lumpy bumpies you see are all down to the Gap polish underneath.  I didn't have time to do a removal and repaint, so just use these pics as an illustration of what happens with a less than stellar panty polish.
 For application, I did not notice any dragging, or have any trouble going over an already painted area.  Drying time was fast, just an all around great polish.  If you notice separation, and you might, a vigorous shaking will take care of it!
 Front of the bottle~how cute~
 Back of the bottle, like I said, after a full night of sitting, no shaking before photo taken.
 I really love this polish!
 The beauty and the beast!  Again, don't buy the ghastly gap color unless you feel like fighting with something...or punching yourself in the gut repeatedly.

 With all that said, isn't it so cute!?  Don't the nails look like candy??  YUMM!

Right above..that is a preview of PART of the giveaway!   100 blog followers and you will get these two polishes, Peacock Gone Wild by Nail Venturous, and Jellybean by Candeo.  There will be more though!  Soon, I will have up pics of more of the included polishes!  So, get your friends to follow the blog, post it on facebook, get the word out! 

To purchase Candeo Colors, visit the Candeo Colors Etsy shop during one of her store openings.  Sign up for notification, as some of the colors go EXTREMELY quickly.

Don't buy the Gap!  But if you are a masochist, you can get it at your local gap, or a gap outlet store. 


  1. Congrats! You are close to a 100 followers. The bottle shots of jellybean are so pretty and it looks pretty on you.

    I didn't even know that GAP sold nail polish, but thank you for the warning. :)

  2. Hi,
    Where is the best place to find the shaped glitter? I can not seem to locate it.
    Please email me here... ANYONE????