Thursday, April 12, 2012

"The Toxic Avenger: Finally... my search is over. Ooohhh... he looks like a big teddy bear, I love him already." Dollish Polish Toxic Avenger Review and OPI GelColor A Grape Fit

I was lucky enough to win a mini of the original Toxic Avenger on the Dollish Polish Facebook page, and I now understand why everyone was so upset to see that this is no longer available.  It is just awesome!!!  This isn't a duochrome, it's a multichrome.  I looked at it in low light, I looked at it in direct light, artificial light, filtered light.  It flashes to so many different colors!  My fave was the red I saw when in a room with the sun beating through the white mini blinds.  It was sooo pretty!  Anyway, here is the bottle.  How I wish it were full size! 

So, this mani, unlike my last few, is done over a colored gel manicure.  I used gelish foundation, structure, 2 coats of color, and then top it off.  I decided that I would use my new OPI GelColor in A Grape Fit.  I think it will look great with quite a few of the polishes I plan to wear soon layered over the top of it.  So, here is the mani, before it fell in nuclear waste and turned into the....TOXIC AVENGGGGERRRRRRR!

And look at that...still managed to break some nails.   Even with all that added strength. journey to long nails is 1 step forward 8000 steps back.

 It was just a plain purple mani, until one met with that nuclear waste vat, and became the mutant below..  The Toxic Avenger Mani!

 This polish was very hard to photograph.  In the above photo you can clearly see the holo-y goodness, but not the colorshift-you can also see I hadn't done clean-up, shhhh!
 In this pic you can see the bits of copper and some green as well as the purple.  But, still, it doesn't do this polish justice AT ALLLLL! 
 Above, you see the shift, but it's blurry because only one nail showed the shift in the pic and I cropped it ....but you can also see the holo, so I hope that gives some idea.
 The Spectraflair pigment in this polish is amazing.  Look at it in indirect lighting.  Facing almost completely away from the window you can still see the reflection!

This one shows some color change with one finger held in the shadow of the other.  You can see the greeny copper in index finger, and more of the purple in the middle finger.  Unfortunately I couldn't capture the red.  I think because of the purple base it was on, the red stood out for me more.  Who knows, it is just gorgeous that is all I know!

Application was super easy.  The photos are with no cleanup and I did not take my time, so you can see how well it really did apply.  If the new formulation Dolly is working on is anything at all like this polish, well, make sure you don't buy a mini!  Buy FULL SIZE!! 

Dolly's Etsy shop is closed right now, but you can check it for updates, here's the link: Dollish Polish Etsy Shop

Before I end this post, let me remind you of the 100 blog follower giveaway.  We are getting closer!  25 more to go!  I will be taking pics of the prize soon here.  Waiting on one more polish to arrive that will be included and then, you will see what you might win!  I know you won't be disappointed!