Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nail-Venturous Lacquer Teal Me a Story!

Finally getting around to writing about this polish that was custom made for me by Amy of Nail-Venturous Lacquers!  It is hands down, my favorite of all my indies!  

 Love a bottle of NVL polish, it is just so pretty!  I have so many untrieds, but I think this will be back on my fingers sooner rather than later.  The formula is amazing!  A jellyish white base with teal and turquoise glitters, and some diamond shaped!  Then there is the pop of red!  I love red pops in almost any color scheme, but this is a fave combination!  They are red shreds and look awesome! 

First time I wore this color, I used a sinful colors white as undies.  I liked it much better the second time around with just the polish,no undies at all.  Gave a much squishier look, which I love!  This polish applied so easily for me.  The mix of glitter was perfect and I had no trouble getting at least one diamond on every nail except my pinky.  I have seriously tiny pinky nails, not sure if you can tell from the pics, but literally, one swipe of a brush goes outside the lines, so I am careful to keep it just on the nail and thus, I am not as picky about how much glitter gets on that one.  You can see that I got everything but the biggies though, and that is something special.  Wear was awesome.  Not a chip in sight when I removed it and it really did remove easily for me.  Though, I don't have the trouble a lot of people have with glitter removal, it is a bit more time consuming than regular polish.  I think what really helps is that my glitter manis are generally done over a full gelish mani and the top it off I have on top of that is so smooth that the glitter doesn't really grip in and just kinda floats over the top.  I recommend this to everyone!

I purchased 2 bottles of this.  One for myself, and one for a lucky reader, when I do my next giveaway.  Not sure when it will be yet.  Been pretty unmotivated lately.  It's just not a great time of year for me, I guess.  Lots of stuff I want to do, but just unable to get up the ambition to do it, and it wears on me. 

So stay tuned for the next giveaway, and my next blog post will hopefully be soon!  I need to take pics of my current mani which I love.  I am wearing a Whimsical by Pam polish, Kismet's Pajamas.  It is so pretty.  Unfortunately I am having some lifting of my clear gelish mani on my left thumb and I JUST applied it tonight.  I am thinking I didn't cap the free edge enough on that finger, so thinking I will redo my thumb as I don't want to top it off over KP and have to remove the entire thing to change my top polish. 

Just a note, the pics in this particular blog entry were taken with a different camera, and I am not that happy with them.  It is a very finicky camera when it comes to light levels, and doesn't have enough manual settings for me to really get it to look completely accurate ....but it's small and convenient and what I had handy that day...


  1. Want that polish so bad! I was sad when I realized I couldn't buy it!!