Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Oceanic Fish Egg Mani. Anyone for caviar?

See that up there??  Fish Egg, not technically caviar, so no c&d letters please lol.
I tried a fish egg mani the other day, LOVED it .....for five minutes.
I really wanted to keep this on, but it didn't seem very sturdy.  I put top coat on top of my nails on my left hand, and it made it look horrible. It really is a look that needs to not have anything added to the top, in my opinion.  

 You can see that it didn't come out perfectly in these close up macro shots, but in real life, the naked eye did not really detect the missing beads, or the fact that some were on top of the cuticle and outside of the nail bed.
 The process I used was painting half my nail one blue color and the other half another.  I did half a nail at a time and all ten nails were done like this.  While the paint was just tacky, not wet, not dry, I dipped my fingers into the beads, which I poured into a glitter cap. They stuck on right away, but if I tried to manipulate it in any way they would fall of in bunches.  I am not sure if my polish was too wet still or what, but I had a problem getting a sharp line between colors like I wanted because of this. 
 Once I got to the tenth nail, I mostly had nicely adhered beads and could move on to polishing the other half of my nail and dipping into the other blue color.  I used Recollections beads from Michaels. The second half seemed to adhere better than the first, and I put that down to waiting a tiny bit longer before dipping.
 I tried to clean up as best I could, but found that big patches of beads would be lost in the process.  I would then take a drop of Poshe top coat and drip it into the bare spot.  Dip in beads again and wait.  I gave up on perfecting it, and just went with what my eye decided was good enough.  I think the look was very nice.  I would definitely wear this for a night out if I ever had one, and would be a bit more careful.  I found though that the polish that was holding on the beads took a loooong time to dry.  When I decided that I would have to take it off because I wasn't completely happy with it, all I had to do on a few nails was push from the cuticle up using the pad of my finger and it would all come off, polish, beads and all...the polish was still wet.  So that is something to think about.  Nail glue would probably work better, but I didn't want to deal with it, and just gave up. 
 After I gave up, I decided on a new Indie Mani.  I used 3 coats Cha Cha Twist from All That Glitters.  I got pretty much full coverage out of it.  A nice mix of glitter came up on the brush and I used the dabble method.  I highly recommend this polish.  It dried quickly despite the thickish coats, and so far it is staying on really well.  It is beautiful.  The sparkle and shine, awe inspiring.  I made a mess since it was really late when I did this, and I didn't bother with cleanup before taking pics...but you can still see how pretty a color this is. 

You can order Cha Cha Twist from this listing in the All That Glitters Etsy Shop!  I encourage you to do so, as this is such a pretty polish!  Next time I think I will give it undies ...or maybe not, I really love it as a full coverage polish and you can certainly do this in 3 coats if you use the dabble method!


  1. Hi,

    If you want to try the caviar again, I learned a lot from reading the comments on Sephora's website for the Ciaté Caviar Manicure™
    Item # 1429588. A LOT of comments but, some good gleanings. It is such a beautiful look (and I love your idea of the two blues!)